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"After studying with Lucia for the past year, I am more confident and passionate about violin than ever before. Lucia is not only a talented and accomplished violinist, but a kind and motivating person. She taught me a great deal about being an effective orchestra and ensemble member, as well as developing my skills and making me a more accomplished violinist. Lucia made lessons engaging and productive and was always available for make-up lessons or additional instruction before an audition or festival. I am very grateful and fortunate for the time that I was able to study with her."

-Kyra (student)

“After two years with their last teacher, my daughters had plateaued and began to experience frustration. This began our search for a new instructor. After a trial lesson with Lucia Kobza, my eldest child commented that she had, “...learned more in one hour with Lucia than in the past 6 months.” It was an instantaneous and joyful transformation that brought new life into her musical ambitions. Without question, Lucia is not only a gifted violinist, but a truly exceptional educator. She has an incredible ability to motivate, affirm, and inspire students. Under Lucia’s instruction, both girls became passionate about rehearsing, achieved new levels of skill, and refined their technique. After less than a year with Lucia, while performing challenging selections, both girls received perfect scores at the NYSSMA music festival and All State performance. These achievements were a direct result of Lucia’s inspiration and her dedication to the individual needs of each student. Clearly, Lucia had a profound impact on their lives and they will miss her greatly. Any student who has an opportunity to study with Lucia Kobza should consider it both an honor and a privilege. We will miss her greatly and wish her well in all of her future endeavors.”

-Jeff (parent)

”In the past year, Lucia has been such an amazing teacher and I’m so grateful to have studied with her. She has taught me so much and I have excelled as a violinist. My musical talents have developed beyond anything I could have imagined! With each lesson, I would be excited to learn and refine my skills. Lucia’s warm personality motivated me to never give up! Simply working with her has been one of my most successful achievements as a violinist. I’m sure that any of her future students will share my feelings and I know that they will find their love of music through her!”

-Siena (student)


"My son is not the most diligent student in terms of practice, but Lucia was such an understanding and accommodating teacher (needless to say her work quality and lesson style). She also encouraged my son to perform at a concert, which I thought was a great experience for my son. Right before we met Lucia, my son almost wanted to quit violin because he did not have good experience with his previous teacher. But we found Lucia! We were very sad that she had to leave the area, but thanks to her, my son is able to play with much more excitement and joy!"

-Jiwon (parent)

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I am currently accepting new students in Basel and surrounding areas, as well as online anywhere in the world!

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